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The Prosopon School of Iconology presents instructional videos on practice of iconography.

This set is intended for broad range of iconographers, artists, and anyone who is interested in the ancient art of Icoin-writing; no artistic background is necessary. The entire process consists of 22 steps of practice followed by a theological explanation by the Master-Iconographer and founder of Prosopon School of Iconology, Vladislav Andrejev.


This set comes with the entire collection of DVD and Blu-ray discs, as well as a USB hard drive with QuickTime versions of the videos recoded in 1080p and 720p (please note that Logos Emmanuel is 480i only).

These versions can be copied to any device you own. After the files reside on your computer, sync to any mobile device.




All demonstrations by

Master Iconographer Vladislav Andrejev.

Narrated by Dmitri Andreyev.

Produced by Yevgeniy Vaskevich.

Language:  English.


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