Christ Pantocrator


DVD/Blu-Ray | Christ Pantocrator: Advanced Techniques  $85.00

The Prosopon School of Iconology presents an instructional video "Christ Pantocrator: Advanced Techniques" for students of the Prosopon School and other experienced icon painters familiar with egg tempera techniques. The tutorial begins with the sketch and demonstrates each step of the painting process from the roskrysh to the final oiling. This dvd is recommended for all who have purchased the dvd set "Archangel Michael or Logos Emmanuel for beginners."


This DVD/Bluray set comes with a booklet containing names of all the pigments and a Sketch.


All demonstrations by

Master Iconographer Vladislav Andrejev.

Narrated  by Dmitri Andreyev.

Produced by Yevgeniy Vaskevich.

Length: 115 min.

Language:  English.


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This Tutorial available as QuickTime movie on a USB drive when purchased in HD set.